Monday, April 18, 2011

Oh hi, Tommy Wiseau

I had an opportunity to 'meet' Tommy Wiseau over the weekend at a live screening here in Ottawa, Canada at the Mayfair theater. Meeting meaning getting my picture with him and asking him a question. I bet you can guess what I asked about!

ME: Hi. Have you heard of The Room Novelization?

TOMMY: What do you mean by that?

ME: It's...someone took the whole movie and turned it into a novel.

TOMMY: You know what people do all kinds of this stuff, keep in mind I have a book that is six-hundred pages. We are actually publishing this year or next year, we are working with publisher right now.


TOMMY: It's a gift! Oh, that's a good question actually. I don't know about it. I don't have time to read it all, some of this stuff. But let me inform you guys, a lot of this stuff are people using The Room for this and that, and you know it's fun's a compliment for me. You know? Because this is my work. But speaking about The Room, keep in mind this is my...did I say fifty?...almost twenty years of my work. It's not like...people say 'oh happened by accident' you know? Remember guys, never happened by accident. Move on, next one.

Me, Tommy Wiseau, my girlfriend and Greg Sestero.